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Sgt. Steven Smith

Sgt. Conrad Jimenez

Sgt. Robert Grabowski

Sgt. Michael Fatzer


The duties of the Uniformed Patrol Division include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Proactive patrolling of Borough streets and neighborhoods

  • Answering routine calls for service

  • Rendering first aid

  • Automobile lock-outs

  • Traffic enforcement (radar details, DWI enforcement, parking enforcement, etc...)

  • Motor vehicle crash investigations

  • Preliminary criminal investigations

  • Bicycle patrol

  • Daily business checks after hours to ensure businesses are secured

  • Daily walk through of district schools

  • School crossing guard details

  • Suspect and witness interviews

  • Evidence collection

  • Report writing

  • Courtroom testimony

  • Press Releases

While the listed duties are performed by all of the officers assigned to the Uniformed Patrol Division several of the officer's duties overlap with other responsibilities such as L.E.A.D. (formally known as D.A.R.E, child safety seat installation, firearms permits, Police Academy instructor and Junior Police Academy instructor) and many others.

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