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Traffic and pedestrian safety has always been one of the top priorities of the Bloomingdale Police Department. Our officers are continually working to improve safety and to address the increasing volume of traffic on the streets of our community.
Our department frequently hears concerns from residents about traffic violations occurring in their neighborhoods. These areas are then visually inspected to see what corrective measures are needed and, if necessary, officers are assigned there to enforce the traffic laws. We encourage anyone interested to make a request for a "STREET OF THE WEEK" designation for their street. This can be done by clicking this link STREET OF THE WEEK and filling out the online request. STREET OF THE WEEK will assist patrol with maintaining a focus on the activity on the selected roadway in order to monitor and enforce traffic safety.
Residents with any questions or concerns can contact Sgt. Sami Zeidan at
(973) 838-0158, or by email at

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