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    Before there was a Police Department in Bloomingdale the law was
enforced by elected Constables and Justices of the Peace. Auburn Taylor was the first policeman appointed in Bloomingdale in 1914. He was assigned to patrol the streets in plain clothes, seven nights a week between the hours of 4:00pm and midnight. In 1915 Samuel D. Babcock was appointed as a special policeman to assist Officer Taylor in enforcing the laws and ordinances of the Township of Pompton (what is now Bloomingdale). 
    In 1938 Charles Van Duyne was appointed as Chief and served until 1958. Scotty Van Duyne was the Chief of Police until 1966 when Peter Mosier was promoted to that position. At the same time as Mosier became Chief, Edward Fletcher was promoted to the rank of Captain. In 1972 Edward Fletcher was promoted to Chief where he served in that capacity until 1994. Upon Chief Fletcher's retirement William Alexander was promoted to the Rank of Chief. Chief Alexander retired in July of 2006 and on January 3, 2007 Joseph Borell was promoted to the position of Police Chief and is currently serving in that capacity.
    When Officer Taylor resigned in the latter part of 1915 Officer Babcock assumed Taylor's duties and became the first uniformed Police Officer for Bloomingdale. Foster Hargraves was appointed in 1916 to assisted Officer Babcock. Later in 1916 Officer Babcock was transferred to Haskell and Officer Hargraves took over his place in patrolling Bloomingdale.This continued until 1918 when Pompton Township dissolved and became Bloomingdale Borough. Foster Hargraves was appointed the first Chief of Police and Samuel Babcock was appointed his Lieutenant. In 1935 the mayor and Council adopted an ordinance to formally create a Police Department, for the Borough, to consist of twelve members. Irving Tallman was appointed Chief.
    In 2013 Chief Borell spearheaded the Bloomingdale Police Department to achieve the NJ State Association of Police Chiefs Accreditation. With a proud past of serving the community the Bloomingdale Police continue to uphold the rich tradition of public service for all of the Bloomingdale residents.
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