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To The Residents of Bloomingdale:


I am honored to be the Chief of Police and lead a talented organization of dedicated employees. This website is an opportunity to share with you, the citizens we serve, a brief overview of the operation, goals and mission of your police department. With the support and cooperation of the Mayor and Council, the Bloomingdale Police Department strives to provide the most proficient and outstanding law enforcement services possible.


As a department we remain committed to reducing crime and enhancing the quality of life through an active partnership with the community. We continue to utilize technology that provides an advantage for our officers and enhanced services for our community. I am proud of our officers and all police department personnel not only for their knowledge and abilities, but for what we call the “right attitude”… that is providing community policing and customer service through teamwork and a high level of personal pride and caring that we expect all our personnel to demonstrate.


Through cooperative working relationships which each department in the borough, our community benefits from the synergy of each department working together. I hope you will agree that the Bloomingdale Police Department provides an unsurpassed level of service and is prepared to act in response to any emergency that challenges our community.


Our objective of keeping your family safe, in a peaceful community that values every person, is a result of the hard work and dedication of every member of the Bloomingdale Police Department.


We are all proud to serve this great community.




Chief Joseph Borell

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