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The Bloomingdale Police Department maintains its own Public Safety dispatch and handles all calls for service within the Borough of Bloomingdale. Our dispatch center is staffed 16 hours a day (8AM to Midnight) 7 days a week by a certified telecommunicator or police officer to answer all calls and dispatch Police & Fire.


All telecommunicators are trained to utilize the following technologies:

- NCIC / CJIS (NJ State Crime and DMV Computer)

- Computer Aided Dispatch / Records Managment System

- GIS (Geographical Information System) Call Plotting

- Security Camera Monitoring

- Phone and Radio Audio Playback 





Full-Time Telecommunicator

- Dorothy McMaster


Part-Time Telecommunicators

- Mary Mazzola

- Joseph Costello

- Andrea Vollaro

- Randy McMaster

- Robert Shoemaker

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